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If you'd like to get access to my free Intuitive SEO guide and other resources for creatives and small businesses, Notes from an Intuitive Creative is for you. This is the newsletter where I geek out about what I'm learning about SEO and my work as an online creative. I share encouragement and behind-the-scenes insights from my journey as a professional writer and SEO expert doing life and work a little differently, along with updates about my courses, digital products, and services. If you want to live and work in a slow, intentional way, but still need to earn a living, I think what I share here will resonate with you. I aim to send this newsletter a few times a month, but it depends on how much I have to say; I'll let my intuition guide me.

I also run a creative writing club called The Writing Habit for anyone who wants to make more time for creative writing—signing up for this newsletter means you'll get monthly writing prompts and tips from inspiring guest experts. I'll also share news about my own creative passion projects, and encourage you to share what you're working on with me, too, if you feel like it. I love to celebrate our community and share news from members of The Writing Habit! This newsletter is best for people who'd like to keep in touch and hear what I'm up to, getting some creative inspiration and encouragement along the way, but aren't interested in learning about SEO. (Unless you subscribe to both newsletters, of course—in which case, I salute you!)

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